Read our customers’ testimonials:

-DANONE, Singapore: “Give new mums the right information, at the right time and place”
-LA POSTE, Paris: “Maximise the pro customer experience at the post office”
-CASINO, PARIS: “The first world full-NFC supermarket”
-LECLERC, Nice: “A brilliant customer feedback”


NFC Shopping is changing the shopping experience by bring individualized information to the consumer right in the place of purchase.
Think&Go NFC have built the NFC-Commerce platform providing all the basic services listed below and ready to be deployed in your retail environment.

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The most flexible and real time controling system:

-Manufacturing, retail, healthcare…
-Process tracking, identification, location based tracking, access control…
-ROI driven

You will find all the details of how NFC can help you to improve the bottom line in your corporation in our latest white paper “NFC Audit&Control”. Request your copy now.